O mnie

59 lat
Znak zodiaku:
Poland, Lubuskie, Międzyrzecki, Bledzew

Wygląd & charakter

Stosunek do palenia:
nie palę
piję okazyjnie
nie mam dzieci
Kolor włosów:
ciemny blond
Kolor oczu:
Języki, w których mogę się porozumiewać:
Czego szukasz?:
małżeństwa, poważnego związku

O mnie

I am an Englishman living in Poland.
I run a Guest House business from my home.
My previous background was in Port Management in various countries.
I like to say that I graduated from the 'University of Life!'
I like to be loving and attentive.
I want to love someone and be loved in return!
I have a fun sense of humour and I like to enjoy life.
I like animals, I have 2 dogs and 2 cats.


I am hoping to find a 'young at heart' lady aged, approximately, between 48 and 59 to share a healthy long term loving relationship with. I would like to be married, to the right person of course.
To love and be loved is very important to me. I would like to find someone who is reasonably active and is still young in their mind, as am I.
Oh yes... and I hope they will not mind helping me to improve my weak Polish.

Moje Zainteresowania

I enjoy travelling and dining out. I also like to watch films at the cinema or have cosy nights at home cuddled-up on the sofa in front of the home cinema with a nice glass of wine.
I like music very much.
I like history and visiting places of interest. I like walking and cycling in the forest.
I am quite creative. I love to make many different things, usually but not always, from wood in my workshop and like to be a little artistic, burning images into wood.
I have an open canoe which I love to use on the lakes, canals and river very close to my house and would like to find someone to share it... and more... with.
I like photography.
I have an interest in Astronomy, I have a computerised refracting telescope.
I also enjoy flying planes in flight simulator software when I have the time.
And... I am a fan of F1 Motorsport.